• 24.11.2017. - 16.12.2017.


    Nina Bajrić Blažeković, Ana Belošević, Petra Brnardić, Danko Friščić, Davor Mezak, Marijan Molnar, Jelena Remetin, Damir Sokić, Marijana Stanić, Ana Šerić & Ivana Vadla, Ivan Tudek, Vlatko Vincek
    Curator: Ana Belošević

    Is it even possible to define love? How can we define an emotional action so susceptible to subjective evaluation? Be it physical, romantic, spiritual, manic, pragmatic, platonic, ideal....there is this constant need to understand and explain it (to explain it in order to understand it). It is an art & craft because it demands discipline, concentration, patience, faith (Erich Fromm), but above all, as art itself, it demands freedom and courage to be our true selves, the courage to expose our private lives to an individual/viewer/observer and lay bare our insecurity to a critical mass.

    Art and humanity has always had, and always will have, one true eternal muse – love. ...(“He who approaches the temple of the Muses without inspiration, in the belief that craftsmanship alone suffices, will remain a bungler and his presumptuous poetry will be obscured by the songs of the maniacs,“ Plato). From Rodin's to Magritte's kiss, from Chagall's Bella to Koons' Cicciolina, Tracey Emin's tent and Jenny Holzer's sign (Love Is What You Want, Protect me from what I want ) to Marina Abramović's walk along the Great Wall of China, to Bizet's Carmen or Joy Division (Love will tear us apart), it (love / relationship) remains a mystery, unpredictable and risky as birth itself, as some damned energy which drives and destroys, always omnipresent and elusive, at the same time here and there, eerily frightening and outrageously appealing, never simple. Eros and Thanatos, locked in eternal battle.