• 09.10.2014. - 16.11.2014.

    Marko Tadić, A gaze in wonder

    This exhibition of young Croatian artist Marko Tadić is a retrospective of his acclaimed and multiple award-winning animated films. In the specific exhibition set-up that evokes the historical forms of film screening, we will show five films: "The black ouija board" (2008.), "I speak true things" (2010.), "We used to call it: Moon" (2011.), "Borne by the birds" (2013.) and "Until the breath of air" (2014.) which has just been completed and will have a premiere at the festival 25.FPS and in our gallery.

    Marko Tadić (Sisak, 1979) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy. He has exhibited at numerous solo and group exhibitions in Osijek, Dubrovnik, Sisak, Velika Gorica, Zagreb, New York, Berlin, Ljubljana, Belgrade, Kassel, Regensburg, Frankfurt, Vienna, Los Angeles, Nottingham etc.. Won many awards: third prize T-HT MSU (Zagreb, 2010),Tthe Radoslav Putar Award (Zagreb, 2008), Award for Drawing at the Youth Salon (Zagreb, 2006) and first prize at the Youth Salon (Sisak, 2001 and 2000). In 2013 he spent on artistic residence in Helsinki. He lives and works in Zagreb.