• 22.04.2015. - 31.05.2015.

    Every tree stands in silent thought

    Jan Chudy, F.F. Coppola, Boris Cvjetanović, Darija Čičmir, Gradski muzej Virovitica, Ivan Ivanković, Ines Kotarac, D.H. Lawrence, Barbara Loden, Sara Malić, Hana Miletić, Ema Muža, Muzej Turopolja, Muzej grada Koprivnice, Vesna Parun, Barbara Radelja, Andrea Resner, Luka Rolak, Davor Sanvincenti, Martin Scorsese, Tamara Sertić, Sv. Ambrozije, Mladen Šutej, Zlatan Vehabović, Davor Vrankić, Magdalena Vuković 

    There is a series of exhibitions hiding under the umbrella title of “Inner museum”, and the first one is dedicated to the phenomenon of solitude. Almost all social and natural sciences agree that humans are primarily social beings. Social interactions determine our character, our actions and our moral values to a large degree. Starting from the very first contact with our parents or guardians, through the adaptation to new environments (school), to the purposeful participation in the community, intersubjective relations are essential for normal human development. Language acquisition, developing behavioural social patterns, compassion, intelligence, etc. are just some of the properties which we perceive as positive and automatically associate with sociability. On the other hand, the majority of deviations in human development – from childhood to socially responsible adulthood – are associated with the absence or some kind of a deficiency in the socialization process. Popular culture, proverbially prone to simplification, thus portrays people who prefer solitude as weirdos living on the social margins of class, space, ethics or aesthetics. 


  • 06.03.2014. - 06.04.2014.

    Vlado Martek, Pictographic alphabet

    The exhibition "Pictographic alphabet" represents a selection of Martek's drawings and collages created in the period between 1987 and 2002. Up to now, they have mostly been unexhibited, and in the artist's words, they belong to the "side of me which vents my emotions". The drawings and collages testify to the spiritual turmoil in an almost diary-like manner. Love, fear, loss, pain, happiness, mutiny, doubt, ecstasy, rage... are just some of the emotions manifesting openly its strength. The establishment of a contact with another being, with society, in other words, is one of the backbones of Martek's work. By ignoring all other aspects of a painting except the communicational one, Martek formed an assembly of signs (pictographs) with the purpose of expanding the space of conversation and compassion. If we have in mind that Martek considers his paintings, including also the works presented in this exhibition, poetry, the range of possible communication is additionally widened.

    Vlado Martek was born in 1951 in Zagreb. He graduated philosophy and literature and has been exhibiting since 1974. He is a conceptual artist and a poet. The forms of his artistic work encompass art actions, paintings, sculptures, publicist writing, murals, graffiti, books, poetry, land art, graphics and photography. He authored 22 self-published works, 5 books of pre-poetry/poetry/post-poetry, 3 books of essays, 2 books of theoretical and philosophy texts and 5 graphic maps. He is a member of Croatian Writers' Association and Croatian Association of Artists. Martek's art is found in the most important Croatian and foreign museum collections.