Vedran Ružić

  • 06.11.2020. - 18.11.2020.

    Vedran Ružić, Wagner

    Vedran Ružić is a jazz musician and a painter. He received his training in music at the Jazz Conservatory in Klagenfurt and graduated in painting at the Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka. Music and visual arts are both his core artistic disciplines; hence the parallelism and synthesizing of visual and musical forms of expression, and engagements on projects that unite and fuse the two media or transgress from one artistic system to another.

    The music of Richard Wagner is a point of departure for the displayed paintings, as suggested in the title of the exhibition. In fact, Wagner’s idea of total artwork is of substantial significance for the entire intermedia artistic approach of Vedran Ružić. Wagner introduced the idea of total or complete work of art, that is of Gesamkunstwerk, to the European culture and artistic milieu of the mid of the 19th century. The idea of the total work of art refers to the tendency to synthetize different media and artistic disciplines, as well as to the practice of merging different types of art – poetry, music, dance, and visual arts in new and unique pieces, to not only enhance the sensory consciousness of the public, but also to relieve it from the everyday worries and the impact of technological advancements. It also enables the return of men to their own natural surroundings and the more immediate experience of art.

    Moreover, the idea is especially connected to the research of synaesthetic qualities that was introduced in modern abstract painting at the beginning of the last century by Wassily Kandinsky who tackled the correlations and synaesthesia of sound, shapes and colours, as well as the process and strategy that are also advocated by Ružić in his artistic gestures and vocabulary, whereby the sensory and expressive level of music is the foundation for the creation of abstract paintings of accentuated colours. 

    Curator: Nadežda Elezović