14.10.2016. - 05.11.2016.

Željka Cupek / Marija Lovrić

Solo exhibition by Željka Cupek and Marija Lovrić is one of the exhibitions with which, this year, we present young artists related to Velika Gorica and its surroundings. About the works presented at the exhibition, the artists says:

Introspection, 2016

These days, living a modern and, you could say, superficial way of life, creates a need to connect with oneself. This is an extremely important human need which we often neglect. Even when we are talking about awareness or self-confidence, we very rarely truly feel that. Self-awareness is a higher state of consciousness, a connection with one's self. It is the ability to feel the messages from our inner reserves of emotional memory. In order to advance our self-awareness we need to explore ourselves, respect our bodies, take care of ourselves and enter out inner selves. Each person is unique, both physically and psychologically. Each person has their own energy frequency and when we connect we feel the new energy which permeates into us and prompts various emotions. We feel vibrations, depths, we see colors, hear different sounds. Sometimes we become intensely self-aware, aware of our own physiological processes.

At times, in a flood of emotions, chaotic moments appear and disturb our introspection, the search and questioning. Such chaos, an incomprehensible order, can cause emptiness, a void, darkness, mental disorientation.  Finding myself in such a chaotic situation, a regression, a 'blockade' of expression and moments of repeated periods of self-criticism and dissatisfaction, I decided to turn inwards, to become self-aware. Through the attempts, the self-assessment, I tried and I am trying in the most honest way I know to portray my feelings, states, thoughts. Motivated by the search for meaning and attempts to turn psychological chaos into order, I turn towards self-observation, analysis and liberation. The key emotional moments, periods, sometimes even sudden unexpected pain and discomfort, both physical and psychological, are a key element in the cycle of drawings and collage under the title Introspection.

Within the abundance of information offered to us and accepted by us, we ignore the important things which would help us understand ourselves. Feeling the need to become aware and clear my thoughts, I reached for an approach of using a diary. When we write about ourselves, we reveal pent up emotions and feelings, the many forms of our psyche and we clear our souls. Instead of words, drawings define my physical changes, my psychological states, relationships. Through introspection, I transferred into the drawings the moments of disbalance, dominant emotions, nervous breakdowns, intimate relationships, days spent in PMS and physical pain. Intimacy, the moments which I sometimes cannot share with everyone, is transferred onto the drawings. Each drawing contains its story, a story which is not literally written as a diary and put before the reader, rather, it is presented as a visual diary in front of an observer. Various drawing materials and the use of layers in various types of paper and foil, are connected with representing my state of mind in key moments as accurately as possible. Many drawings which portray psychological processes are not dominated by a contrast of colors but with achromatic tones and smooth transitions. When portraying my physical state, the contrast of colors dominates, and transitions between motifs and shapes are more accentuated. The motifs I use are human body parts combined with various shapes, in various compositions. The human body is something we own and take care of, as it takes care of us. It is an inborn symbiosis. The fact that it is inborn made me research, look into myself and turn chaos into pleasure, create progress from regression. (Marija Lovrić)


A sea transformed

 Adrienne Rich descends looking for a shipwreck[1], the real deal, not a story, not a myth;

She seeks to explore the wreck; to see the damage, and the treasures that remain; she seeks knowledge.

It is easy to get lost in that liquid, to forget the goal of the undertaking, the re-surfacing. To forget oneself.

It is what Alphonso Lingis[2] seeks for when he dives into the deep;

The blissful disorientation, loss of control, of rationality;

The fading of one's psychophysical integrity into the oceanic night,

Filled with phosphorescent glittering of the plankton,

And the chromatic phenomena of the uncanny sea organisms.

The descent. Blue, even more bluer; then green; and black at the end. Total eclipse.

The temporary absence of self. The ecstasy of the deep. (Željka Cupek)


[1]  Adrienne Rich, poem Diving into the Wreck, from the collection “Diving into the Wreck: Poems 1971-1972“ (1973).

[2]  Alphonso Lingis, essay The Rapture of the Deep (1983)


Marija Lovrić was born in 1986 in Zagreb. She got her masters in Art Education in the class of Ines Krasić in 2012. She has had two individual and several collective exhibitions both in and outside of Croatia. The most prominent are the 11th Triennial of Croatian Sculpture (Gliptoteka HAZU, Zagreb, 2012), Transform “Pandora's box” (Thessaloniki, Greece, 2012), Graphic Triennial (Skopje, Macedonia, 2013) and “Retroperspective, These Works Could Be…” ( HDLU Zagreb,  2016). She's been a member of the HDLU since 2013. She works in different media but, currently, her primary focus is on exploring the field of drawing. A common topic in her works is the correlation between man and technology. She is currently living and working in Velika Gorica.

Željka Cupek was born in 1986 in Zagreb. She graduated Painting and Art Education from the Art Education Department at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. She has had individual and collective exhibitions. She is a member of HDLU.