10.04.2002. - 27.04.2002.

Boris Cvjetanović, "City"

After a longer period of during which he did not show his works, Boris Cvjetanović presents his new series of photographs, which brings two novelties in comparison to his earlier works: colour photography and digital photography. However, the theme of the exhibition is a kind of continuation of Cvjetanović’s photographic work as known from the beginning of the 80s up to today. Namely, the exhibition deals with the social aspect of contemporary life, with derelict city areas captured in the city’s centre and its vicinity, with bizarre scenes of the metropolis and with the public setting that we pass by every day, ignoring its meaning.  While Cvjetanović captured the social environment interacting with people in his previous series, here he completely excluded the human figure from the scene, focusing exclusively on the city itself. Cvjetanović’s City is on the one hand a document of a time, evidence of the breakdown of a certain communal model in managing an urban community, and on the other, a photographic document which points to the multiplicity, contradictoriness or hetorogenity of the phenomena such as the city.

­Boris Cvjetanović (1953) is one of Croatia’s most famous art photographers. He graduated from Zagreb’s Academy of Fine Arts in 1976. From 1981 he published photographs in the Student newspapers, where he was the editor of photography in 1987 and 1988. He exhibited in Croatia and abroad. He represented Croatia at the 50th Venice Biennale of contemporary art.