19.09.2004. - 07.10.2004.

Device Art

This first international exhibition of this type is realized in collaboration with the curatorial team “Kontejner” from Zagreb and presents the continuation of art and cultural activities dedicated to the establishing the dialogue between man and machine, art and technology, which around mid-20th century placed the Zagreb art scene into relevant European art events (New Tendencies).

13 artists from Slovenia, Croatia and Italy participated: Vedran Relja (Association of Technical Culture from Zaprešić), Tomislav Brajnović, Vuk Ćosić, Davide Grassi, Lina Kovačević, Dubravko Kuhta a.k.a Tesla, Ivan Marušić Klif, Tomaž Pipp, Borut Savski, Sašo Sedlaček, Berislav Šimičić. Marijan Vejvoda, Silvio Vujičić, Nenad Vukušić Sebastijan, Branko Zupan.

The exhibited works equally question traditional, analogue and new, digital machines on different levels of
interaction: from flippers as old mechanical toys in Grassi’s work connected with the problem of financing art,
to the video-game in the work of Saša Sedlaček, which is designed as a digital, virtual surrounding, superior to all the other forms of real and virtual manifestations. All the exhibited works are interactive, regardless if they produce sounds, images or movement in real or virtual time and space.

Curators of the exhibition: Sunčica Ostoić (Zagreb), Olga Majcen (Zagreb) and Sandra Sajovič (Ljubljana).

The exhibition was supported by: the Croatian Ministry of Culture, City Office for Culture Zagreb; the City of Velika Gorica, and the Slovenian Ministry of Culture.