02.03.2005. - 20.03.2005.

Ines Matijević, "Eve and Adam"

Ines Matijević (1982) is finishing her studies at the Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts. Up to now her interests were focused on the problem of representation of women and femininity in modern culture.Because art is an almost preferred means of that representation, the author has in her past works oftenreferred to the tradition of depicting women in art. In the Galženica Gallery she exhibited 36 life-size portraits of naked men and women. One of the most interesting layers of meaning, which formedduring the preparation and duration of this exhibition, was the social and cultural meaning. In orderto make 36 naked portraits, the author had to ask and convince her own friends to pose, even thoughshe used ads in media to look for models.

According to her experience, convincing and negotiatinga person to reveal their naked body to the gallery audience was a long and tiresome process and onewhich is sadly a good cross-section of today’s youth culture in Croatia. When the exhibition opened,some of the leading TV houses made a report about it and that level of cultural meaning rose tocover even forgotten aspects of it (conservatism, the influence of the Catholic Church on youth, thefunctioning of the art establishment, logics of mass media in Croatia etc.)