10.11.2007. - 10.11.2007.

KiberDzezva, blog

Behind a somewhat enigmatic title Kiber Dzezva (Cyber Coffee - Pot), there is an exhibition planned for the next year but also an attempt to inform the Croatian public about the latest problems, tendencies and phenomena in the area of so-called new media. Kiber Dzezva is a collaborative blog of the art history, animation and new media students. Cyber refers rather to the current transformation of the World Wide Web into another mass medium than to the former concept of cyberspace. Dzezva stands for a traditional Balkan coffee pot – a metaphor for companionship, conversation or mere chatting about the current issues.

The Kiber Dzezva blog will enable visitors to see the process of organising a group student exhibition. They are the third-year and fourth-year students at the Zagreb Fine Art Academy's Animation and New Media Department, working in collaboration with Vjekica Buljan, Morana Matković, Petra Šešljaga and Klaudio Štefančić. The exhibition is due to be opened in April 2008 at the Galženica Gallery. The exhibition is a part of the 2008 gallery programme dedicated to the art tendencies working with new technologies and new media.

We intend to use the blog form for re-blogging i.e. informing the croatian art world about phenomena, events and tendencies on the Internet today. The Web 2.0 is a widely known innovation in the virtual world, made possible because of the standardization of the internet broadband, cheaper hardware and the presence of the software such as RSS (Really Simple Syndication) and Ajax (Asynchronous Java Script and XML). Transfer of the user and art operativeness from PC to the World Wide Web seems quite important so we will dedicate the Kiber Dzezva blog to the Web 2.0 servicing and applications ( Facebook, Flickr, My Space etc.)

During the process of working on the exhibition and blog, another intention has come up - to present some of the local phenomena such as the application of the latest software innovation on the informatics enterprise (Blog.hr, Trosjed.net.hr, Pticica.com) and adjustment to the Anglo - Saxon culture of so-called social software. Equally interesting is the mobile phone use. From parking place or fare payment, to the music video of the local band TBF, the mobile has become probably the most important part of the Croatian post socialist everyday life.

So many things have been listed as the goals of this project. There is nothing left to do but work and hope that at least some of the phenomena will be successfully articulated and opened to discussion, and their research continued someday.

Kiber Dzezva blog is mainly written in Croatian. Despite of that we hope that you will be able to get some general impressions about our activity.


(1) http://kiberdzezva.blogspot.com/