08.12.2004. - 23.12.2004.

Ksenija Turčić, "Smoking"

"Smoking" is an ambient piece consisting of a video of the artist, smoking silently in her own room until she is completely concealed by the cigarette smoke and of a text printed on the walls of the gallery. The text, in form of anecdote or short story, lists a series of misunderstandings caused by smoking and discusses the problematic of smoking in today’s society. It also focuses on the differences between Croatian and American societies.

Ksenija Turčić (1963) graduated from the Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts in 1987, after which she studied drawing with Joseph Kosuth in Como (Italy). She partook in many independent and joint exhibitions in Croatia and abroad and attended study programs in Washington, Cimelice (Czech Republic) and New York. She has won many international and Croatian prizes for her work, including the prize of the 20th Youth Salon in 1988 and the Vjesnik annual prize for visual arts "Josip Račić" in 2001.