01.06.2006. - 25.06.2006.

Nagrada Radoslav Putar - Final 2006

The Radoslav Putar Award is being held for the fifth year in a row. The award is one of the rare Croatian yearly awards for young artists under the age of 35. The award was established in 2002 by the Institute for Modern Art in Zagreb with their partners in Europe and USA.

Every year the Award Expert Committee, made up of Croatian and foreign art critics, curators and theoreticians, chooses four finalists among all the entrants. Soon after they have a group exhibition at which the winner of the award is announced. This year’s finalists were: Tina Gverović, Mejra Mujičić, Damir Očko and Lala Raščić.

Konstantin Akinsha (Artnews, New York), Antun Božičević (artist, lastyear Radoslav Putar Award winner), Antonia Majača (curator, Miroslav Kraljević Gallery, Zagreb), Jerica Ziherl (curator, Rigo Gallery, Novigrad) and Janka Vumir (Institute for Modern Art, Zagreb) sat in the Award Expert Committee.

Radoslav Putar Award winner for 2006 is Tina Gverović.

Tina Gverović (1975) graduated from Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts in 1997. She attended postgraduate studies at the Jan van Eyck Akademie in Maastricht. She has been exhibiting since 1996 and she won several domestic and foreign awards for her works, most notably the 34th Zagreb Salon Award in 2000 (for her project “Between two ends”) and the award of the “English Art Council” for development and research of art in 2002.

Mejra Mujičić (1973) graduated as a painter from Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts and finished animation workshop organized by Zagreb film and Royal College of Art in London. She exhibitedin eight solo exhibitions and numerous group exhibitions. She was awarded for her work at the 2ndCroatian Graphics Biennale in Zagreb.

Damir Očko (1977) graduated from Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts in 2003. Until now he exhibited in seven solo exhibitions and several group exhibitions. For the last two years he has beenexploring silence and intuitive virtuosity and processes that affect works of art, such as coincidence,improvisation, etc.

Lala Raščić (1977) graduated from Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts in 2001 and finished postgraduate studies at Riiksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam in 2004. She exhibited her works at
several dozen group exhibitions and video festivals. She participated in residency programs, exhibitedat nine solo exhibitions and was awarded several times for her Internet and video works.