13.10.2017. - 11.11.2017.


Valerija Cerovec, Karla Jurić, Marko Mišković, Lucija Mandekić i Gala Marija Vrbanić in colaboration with Staša Mlinar and Legame Studio

Curators: Ivana Čuljak, Lea Vene

In the fashion system, the showpiece inhabits a specific place as a garment and commodity with ambivalent characteristics. It does not necessarily exist as an embodied garment, but sometimes also as an image, idea, conceptual piece or manipulative marketing tool. In her book Fashion at the Edge, fashion theoretician Caroline Evans defines the showpiece as a concept characteristic of fashion at the edge. In this scenography that object entails several functions. As a showcase of contemporary fashion the showpiece enables the fashion designer to create beyond the boundaries of the wearable and outside commercial fashion standards. Positioned on the edge of the fashion system, the showpiece does not enable us to categorize it clearly. As a comment, critique or concept it stretches beyond fashion and legitimizes itself in the museum or gallery context. Also, as a manipulative marketing strategy it ensures enough media visibility (such as press and magazine coverage) for the fashion designer, whereby it once again enters commodity circulation as an image. What happens when we dislocate the concept of the showpiece outside of the fashion system and place it directly in the gallery context? What does the showpiece mean for young practitioners working on the edge of the dominant fashion system? If every age has its own scenography (C.Evans), how does it affect the interpretation of the showpiece today?

The starting point for the exhibition is the concept of the showpiece which is interpreted by a younger generation of fashion practitioners: Valerija Cerovec, Karla Jurić, Marko Mišković, Lucija Mandekić and Gala Vrbanić in collaboration with Staš Mlinar and Legame studio. They question the materially and inherent visually of the showpiece and also rethink it in the context of (personal) performative practices, virtual reality, as a sound or redefine its meaning through the medium of photography, in which the photography itself becomes the showpiece.


Founds for the exhibition were provided by The City of Velika Gorica.