05.06.2007. - 01.07.2007.

Radoslav Putar Award - Final 2007

Radoslav Putar Award for young visual artists was established six years ago by the Institute for Contemporary Art from Zagreb with partners The Foundation for a Civil Society, Trust for Mutual Understanding and SCCA Slovakia.

The award is aimed for young visual artists under 35 years of age whose works are realised in media of painting, sculpture, drawing, installation, photography, video, new media and performance art. Criteria for the award are innovativeness and quality of art works realised in the course of past two years.

The Award was named after Radoslav Putar, eminent art historian, critic and curator, who by his effort significantly directed Croatian culture towards the contemporary visual arts language. His work was also significant in its social aspect, because he promoted the ideas of democracy and advocated dialogue, tolerance, freedom of expression and the openness to other cultures. We can hardly imagine today to what extent his work was indeed heroic, and we can positively assert that his contribution to theory and practice provided one of the keystones of contemporary Croatian art and culture.

Since 2006 Radoslav Putar Award is organised in partnership with Gallery Galženica of Velika Gorica and Gallery Miroslav Kraljević of Zagreb.

So far, Radoslav Putar award has 5 laureates Tanja Dabo (2002.), Nika Radić (2003.), Igor Eškinja (2004.), Antun Božičević (2005.) and Tina Gverović (2006.)

In 2007 selected Finalists are Maja Marković, Ines Matijević, Vedran Perkov i Renata Poljak.

The winner is Vedran Perkov.

Jury members of Radoslav Putar Award 2007 were:

Tina Gverović, Radoslav Putar Award Winner 2006
Jasna Jakšić, Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb
Darka Radosavljević, Remont, Belgrade, Serbia
Janka Vukmir, Institute for Contemporary Art, Zagreb
Jerica Ziherl, Rigo Gallery, Novigrad/Cittanova

The Winner will be awarded with 6 weeks residency in new York and a solo exhibition in Miroslav Kraljević Gallery in the spring of the next year.

Radoslav Putar Award is co-founder and member of YVAA (Young Visual Artists Awards) and Center for Exchange in Visual Arts.