15.01.2007. - 15.01.2007.

Visual image – a genre or the politics of representation

We decided to make some considerable changes in the year 2007. First, we will try to base future programmes on actual problems, interesting issues or phenomena, whether they are part of a narrow or wider art culture. Therefore, instead of a collection of individual exhibitions, we will organize exhibitions based on a characteristic that is mutual to all the artists presented. This year, that mutual characteristic will be the problem of the image and its representation...

There is no doubt now that from the late 20th century artistic activities have lost their dominance in the field of image representation. This is why we plan to lay out exhibitions with intention to provoke ideas and thoughts about this new position of the visual arts in relation to other forms of visual representations. What place does the traditional image and what place does the present-day image take in the image culture, as many people call the contemporary historical moment? Are we able to see the difference between the painting and the video game image hung on the wall of a highly regarded institution? Is there any difference among television, computer, photograph and easel images we see every day in a coffee bar, at a station, in a gallery, in the street/ square...? Can image talk and is it not time, once we left the modernist iconoclasm behind, to describe all the possibilities and particularities of the image representation?

Some of the changes refer to the exhibition documentation. Instead of the catalogues we used to print for each exhibition, from now on we will publish annual bilingual catalogue where we will present all the exhibitions of the previous year together. We will not change the practice of presenting artists and their works with a short text, illustrations of the exhibited works and a short biography. The annual catalogue will consist of two elaborate essays on the theme selected for the season. We hope the essays will additionally contextualize the programme and open its meanings towards different forms of artistic and critical practices.

The art works we plan to present during 2007 at the Galženica Gallery are almost the textbook examples of the visual representation in the history of the Western art (with the exception of net. art). They include traditional easel painting, photography, television (electronic) and digital video image.

In February, you will be able to see Igor Kuduz's Polaroid photographs that in a particular way revitalize the medium of photography face to face with the various Internet visual cultures. In March, Marko Tadić, this year's winner of the Salon of the Young Artists Zagreb Award, will exhibit his paintings that are kind of specific polygons or platforms for infinite recycling of the visual signs of the contemporary culture and for composting iconographical rubbish.

April is for Zlatan Vehabović, another young painter who recently won the Erste Bank Award. He uses, in his own special way, motifs from different areas of visual culture (such as early Renaissance painting, video games, popular iconography). In Jun, Mare Milin will present her fashion photographs that for some reason were not published in some of the most famous editorials of the Croatian fashion magazines.

Next July is once again the month of the Radoslav Putar Award finalists' exhibition, which means this exhibition will not be a part of the official seasonal concept. Still, it is one of the best contemporary art manifestations in Croatia so we proudly and happily announce it in advance.
In September and October, a young artist from Velika Gorica, Gordana Pogledić Jančetić, will exhibit her works that are hybrids of painting, photography and graphic computer programmes. In November, we will open the exhibition of photographs by Kristina Lenard, a current winner of the Visitors' Award at the Croatian Sculpture Triennial. So far, her works have been highly aesthetic interior and exterior shots. Due to that, her photographs re-actualize almost forgotten dichotomies between the real and the construed, the natural and the artificial, the repulsive and the attractive.

The last exhibition of the 2007 season will be dedicated to the work of a video artist and director Ana Haušman, whose films win awards at almost every Croatian and international festival. At the Galženica Gallery, she will show her latest short film that she is working on now.

Last but not least, we would like to express our gratitude for support you give us by visiting the gallery, for showing interest in our work, for professional and friendly attachment to it…

We are looking forward to seeing you soon.