• 27.02.2004. - 19.03.2004.

    Davor Krelja, "Fine Manners"

    Davor Krelja (1960) formed his style under the influence of neo-expressionism, as a part of the New Image
    trend, which during the 80s represented Croatian artists' response to European transavangarde and America's postmodern art. After working briefly with ambient installations at Galženica, he returns to painting with some twenty panoramically composed paintings. Two phenomena have imposed themselves as the most interesting.

    On one hand, the inclusion of literary discourse into the exhibition by using the extended titles for images which now, rather than information about the painting, serve as short, genre-specific literary forms. On the other hand, it is the surrealist, fantastic charge which gives the paintings their somewhat mysterious meaning.

    Davor Krelja studied painting at the Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts in 1985. He has been exhibiting his art in
    Croatia and abroad since 1984.


  • 25.09.2002. - 12.10.2002.

    Saša Martinović Kunović

    By composing her paintings as diptychs and triptychs, Saša literally accomplished the traditional method of painting by motive as the traditional painterly metaphor. Namely, by using different techniques (graphite and ballpoint pens, acrylic) she painted following the already determined decorative structure of ornaments and relief texture of the canvass. The most notable characteristic of her works is painting on a strictly determined template, whose origin is always historical and from the realm of high art, and whose function is contemporary, practical and widely popular. Whether she paints Hals’ “The Women Regents of the Haarlem Almshouse” in Matisse-like style, copies still life from photographically illustrated cookbooks, or freely replicates contours of female nudes from the history of painting, Saša Martinović Kunović finds the field – in which the differences between valuable and banal, unique and mass-produced, aesthetic and kitsch, artistic and decorative, are blurred – especially interesting.

    Saša Martinović Kunović graduated at the School for textile and footwear and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb.