• 27.04.2012. - 27.05.2012.

    Yugoslavian youth press as underground press: 1968 - 1972 (Belgrade, Zagreb, Ljubljana)

    The exhibition titled Yugoslavian youth press as underground press (1968-1972; Belgrade, Zagreb, Ljubljana) deals with the unique journalistic genre developed in socialist Yugoslavia. Youth press denotes a number of publications issued by a network of youth and student organisations. Originally set up as a part of the Soviet propaganda machine, by the end of the 1960s the youth press had, in its Yugoslavian adaptation, developed certain particularities. This exhibition will focus on one aspect of those particularities – more precisely, its considerable similarities with so-called American and British underground magazines from the same period. The exhibition also points to many unexpected overlaps (in formation, content and politics) in these two genres created in, ideologically, strikingly different contexts. The display is comprised of a wealth of hard-to-find, archival material: quality reproductions of original youth and student magazines from Zagreb, Belgrade and Ljubljana, along with some exemplary issues of American and British underground magazines.

    Author of the exhibition: Marko Zubak

    Exhibition supported by: the City of Velika Gorica and the Ministry of Culture of Republic Croatia.


  • 27.04.2004. - 13.06.2004.

    Damil Kalogjera

    Damil Kalogjera (1962) got his first experience in photography working with several key publications (Polet,
    Studentski list, Start). In Galženica he exhibited his photographs taken during a one-month stay in Cuba. Unlike the representation of Cuba as a poor, yet happy country in the media - a representation brought about by the logics and demands of the tourism market - Kalogjera's photos are significantly different. They display something previously unknown, a crack, a charge of surprise and a potential critique. In short, they display everything Roland Barthes tried to summarize with his term "punctum".

    Damil Kalogjera has been exhibiting since 1980. He works as a reporter photographer and has collaborated
    on the following books: "Dubovica", "Vis - the island of secrets", "10 years of B.P. Club", "50 years of the Music Biennale Zagreb" and "40 years of International Music Festival".