• 14.10.2016. - 05.11.2016.

    Željka Cupek / Marija Lovrić

    Solo exhibition by Željka Cupek and Marija Lovrić is one of the exhibitions with which, this year, we present young artists related to Velika Gorica and its surroundings. About the works presented at the exhibition, the artists says:

    Introspection, 2016

    These days, living a modern and, you could say, superficial way of life, creates a need to connect with oneself. This is an extremely important human need which we often neglect. Even when we are talking about awareness or self-confidence, we very rarely truly feel that. Self-awareness is a higher state of consciousness, a connection with one's self. It is the ability to feel the messages from our inner reserves of emotional memory. In order to advance our self-awareness we need to explore ourselves, respect our bodies, take care of ourselves and enter out inner selves. Each person is unique, both physically and psychologically. Each person has their own energy frequency and when we connect we feel the new energy which permeates into us and prompts various emotions. We feel vibrations, depths, we see colors, hear different sounds. Sometimes we become intensely self-aware, aware of our own physiological processes.


  • 03.06.2016. - 02.07.2016.

    Ljubomir Stahov, "From Nature"

    Ljubomir Stahov's world stands out from the contemporary Croatian art corpus as an articulated visual arts oeuvre which exists by and for itself, away from any trends, tendencies and without belonging to any particular group or movement. However, if we were to insist on finding spiritual and stylistic similitudes, we would find them in Ordan Petlevski's primordial, fossil and organic forms, a unique personal world of “organic micro-figuration” (Zdenko Rus), as well as in Biserka Baretić’s oeuvre which also embraces the concept of susceptible matter, a spirit trapped within material confounds of the body, accompanied by frequent references to mythical symbols and archetypes like Icarus, Orpheus, Pegasus, the Gorgons and Janus.


  • 09.10.2014. - 16.11.2014.

    Marko Tadić, A gaze in wonder

    This exhibition of young Croatian artist Marko Tadić is a retrospective of his acclaimed and multiple award-winning animated films. In the specific exhibition set-up that evokes the historical forms of film screening, we will show five films: "The black ouija board" (2008.), "I speak true things" (2010.), "We used to call it: Moon" (2011.), "Borne by the birds" (2013.) and "Until the breath of air" (2014.) which has just been completed and will have a premiere at the festival 25.FPS and in our gallery.

    Marko Tadić (Sisak, 1979) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy. He has exhibited at numerous solo and group exhibitions in Osijek, Dubrovnik, Sisak, Velika Gorica, Zagreb, New York, Berlin, Ljubljana, Belgrade, Kassel, Regensburg, Frankfurt, Vienna, Los Angeles, Nottingham etc.. Won many awards: third prize T-HT MSU (Zagreb, 2010),Tthe Radoslav Putar Award (Zagreb, 2008), Award for Drawing at the Youth Salon (Zagreb, 2006) and first prize at the Youth Salon (Sisak, 2001 and 2000). In 2013 he spent on artistic residence in Helsinki. He lives and works in Zagreb.


  • 06.03.2014. - 06.04.2014.

    Vlado Martek, Pictographic alphabet

    The exhibition "Pictographic alphabet" represents a selection of Martek's drawings and collages created in the period between 1987 and 2002. Up to now, they have mostly been unexhibited, and in the artist's words, they belong to the "side of me which vents my emotions". The drawings and collages testify to the spiritual turmoil in an almost diary-like manner. Love, fear, loss, pain, happiness, mutiny, doubt, ecstasy, rage... are just some of the emotions manifesting openly its strength. The establishment of a contact with another being, with society, in other words, is one of the backbones of Martek's work. By ignoring all other aspects of a painting except the communicational one, Martek formed an assembly of signs (pictographs) with the purpose of expanding the space of conversation and compassion. If we have in mind that Martek considers his paintings, including also the works presented in this exhibition, poetry, the range of possible communication is additionally widened.

    Vlado Martek was born in 1951 in Zagreb. He graduated philosophy and literature and has been exhibiting since 1974. He is a conceptual artist and a poet. The forms of his artistic work encompass art actions, paintings, sculptures, publicist writing, murals, graffiti, books, poetry, land art, graphics and photography. He authored 22 self-published works, 5 books of pre-poetry/poetry/post-poetry, 3 books of essays, 2 books of theoretical and philosophy texts and 5 graphic maps. He is a member of Croatian Writers' Association and Croatian Association of Artists. Martek's art is found in the most important Croatian and foreign museum collections.


  • 06.07.2006. - 30.07.2006.

    Danijel Šokec

    Danijel Šokec exhibited around forty ink drawings on paper in which he used the “shaky”and “nervous” manner of an expressionist drawing to present different themes: from classically erotic
    (female act, love couple), to allegorical, undefined and barely recognizable scenes, and scenes whosetitles give them comic, everyday or banal meanings. In that sense, these drawings can be seen as acycle which on the one hand reminds us of a traditional drawing “hand exercise”, and on the otherhand of a journal, a series of artefacts which are somewhere in between easel painting/drawing anda sketchbook. The accentuated contrasts of black and white also evoke comic book aesthetics, whichgives these drawing additional narrative meanings.

    Danijel Šokec (1967) graduated from the High School of Applied Arts and Design in Zagreb and fromZagreb Academy of Fine Arts in 1991. He has been exhibiting since 1984 and took part in 20 solo andseveral group exhibitions in Croatia and abroad. 

    The exhibition is a part of a program of developing local art culture.


  • 02.02.2005. - 20.02.2005.

    Gordana Bakić, "Transmission of a Significant Signal"

    In the Galženica Gallery Gordana Bakić (1972) exhibited a drawing/ambient installation which is asort of “work in progress”. The installation consists of a series of big drawings which have been assembled together for thepurpose of this exhibition. It consists of hand drawn drawings, photocopied graphic materials whichoriginated from often forgotten textbooks and handbooks, spatial and three dimensional objects,uneven paper cut outs etc. As in traditional, easel-made paintings, which Gordana Bakić has beenmaking for the last few years, this work also represents forgotten ways of representation: taking iconictemplates from textbooks and illustrated books, which are a part of pre-mass digital media culture,before the so called “pictorial turn”, she lays bare the picture representation and thus makes us awareof “media archaeology “or better yet of different and fast changing models of visual representation.

    Gordana Bakić graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 1996. She has been exhibitingher works since 1993. Gordana won several awards, among them the Zagrebačka banka Award in2001 and the award for the best young artist by the Croatian Association of Artists in 2003.


  • 28.06.2001. - 21.07.2001.

    Dragutin Trumbetaš, "Tuš istine"

    Dragutin Trumbetaš, "Tuš istine"


  • 13.05.1982. - 04.06.1982.

    Zlatko Kauzlarić Atač, Od crteža do scene

    Zlatko Kauzlarić Atač, Od crteža do scene