• 27.03.2006. - 16.04.2006.

    Željko Kipke, "Everything is written in dreams“,

    Željko Kipke is one of most famous Croatian painters of the middle generation and an artist who hasin the late 70s started to work with experimental film and video, only to fully dedicate to painting inthe early 80s at the time of trans-avantgarde. Alongside painting, Kipke has for years been engagedin literary work, especially art critique and essays. At the end of last year Duriex publishing housepublished his journal “From February to February” in which mentions of people from Croatian art andcultural milieu caused a scandal.

    In the Galženica Gallery Kipke realized two projects: art and literary. He set up a video installation dedicated to dreams and instead of a catalogue he published a book of his dreams which he wrote down every day for a year, from February to February. So a few months after publishing his journal, Kipke published the obverse to his daily journal – his nightly journal.

    Željko Kipke (1953) graduated as a painter from Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts in 1976. His paintings can be found in the following collections of modern art: The Peter Stuyvesant Collectionin Amsterdam, the FRAC Collection in Toulouse, the Museum of Modern Art in Vienna and the Museum of Modern Art in Zagreb.

    He represented Croatia at the Venetian Biennale in 1993 and fortwo years at the Cairo Biennale.
    He writes critique and essays in the field of art and experimental movies. Since 1997 he is a member
    of the International Association of Art Critics (AICA). He published six books: "Iluminatori novog
    ciklusa" (Zagreb, 1989), "Vodič kroz subteranneus" (Zagreb, 1992), "Čuvajte se imitacija" (Zagreb,
    1993), "Od izobilja do Mjeseca" (Zagreb, 1998), "Svaka sličnost sa stvarnim ljudima i događajima je
    namjerna" (Zagreb, 2004), "Od veljače do veljače" (Zagreb, 2005).


  • 26.04.2006. - 21.05.2006.

    Oliver Dorfer, Herbert Egger, Anton S.Kehrer, Beate Rathmayr, "Light_Story_Space_Body"

    The exhibition Light_Story_Space_Body is the continuation of cooperation between the Austrian artistorganization MAERZ centred in Linz and the Galženica Gallery. Started in 2004, this cooperation functions as an exchange of art and gallery experiences between these two different cultural contexts, Austrian and Croatian. So in April 2005 “Outside sources” exhibition was opened in the MAERZ Gallery in Linz. Kristijan Kožul, Tanja Dabo, Marija Prusina and Lala Raščić participated in the exhibition. During 2005 Ana Kadoić participated in the international exhibition in Linz which was organized by the MAERZ artist organization. And this year Tanja Dabo and Ivana Franke will exhibi ttheir individual works at the MAERZ Gallery.

    Each of the notions in the title of the exhibition tries to metaphorically represent a work or a part of work by an individual artist. “Light” symbolises the work of Anton S. Kehrer; “Story” is the symbol for Oliver Dorfer’s paintings; “Space” is a metaphorthat signifies photographic and movie works of Beate Rathmayr and “Body” refers to the sponge sculptures of Herbert Egger.